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Business & Commercial Insurance Information

Business & Commercial Insurance

Stonewall Insurance Agency will provide options that are unique to your business and commercial needs. Our agents will take the time to provide you with the right policy at the most affordable price. Let us do the work for you!

Life Insurance

Businesses of every kind have very real and, sometimes, specific commercial insurance needs. No two businesses are exactly alike and while there is a standard BOP (Business Owner’s Policy), the truth is that nearly every business has insurance needs that go beyond the scope of this useful policy.

General Liability

Liability issues are a concern to all business owners. Despite your best efforts to avoid accidents and mistakes, they happen.

This type of policy covers the business if claims or lawsuits are filed due to injuries, accidents or negligence. Covered claims may also include: bodily injury, personal injury, property damage, slander or false advertisement. Generally the insurance provider covers all costs – including legal representation – except for punitive damages.

Product Liability

A company can be held liable for a product’s safety, no matter if they manufacture it or simply distributes it. Claims often arise from defective products that cause injury or harm. This type of coverage varies depending on the type of product.

Professional Liability

Also known as ‘errors and omissions’ insurance, it covers businesses that provide professional services. This type of policy protects the business owner from malpractice, errors or negligence.

Property Insurance

These policies are for businesses that operate out of commercial buildings and cover loss and damage to company property due to theft, fire, smoke, wind, hail and a variety of other unpredictable events.

A home-based business can purchase a similar type of policy in addition to their home owner’s insurance.

Workman’s Compensation

This is perhaps the most critical of all types of insurance for business owners to obtain. A workers’ compensation policy will cover the medical expenses of employees who get injured on the job. In the case of permanent disability, the workman’s compensation coverage will provide benefits until the employee reaches retirement age. Another reason it’s important is that it’s legally required in every U.S. state.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If a business uses any type of vehicle – cars or trucks – a commercial auto policy will cover personal injury, property damage and any business losses resulting from an accident.

Umbrella Policies

These types of policies cover damages over and above the limits of any individual policy. Business owners generally are required to carry the maximum limits before an umbrella policy is made available.

Different states have different specific requirements and that’s why it’s so important to work with a local agent who is intimately familiar with the state and local needs of businesses when it comes to all types of commercial insurance policies.

Independent insurance agents, like those at Stonewall Insurance Agency, are members of the same community you belong to. Their children attend the same schools and they worship, work, and weed their gardens in the same communities that are so familiar to you.

It’s always wise to work with insurance agents who understand local and state laws and requirements for businesses and insurance better than anyone who lives halfway across the country or an overseas call center.


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